District Implementation Program

Developed through a partnership with the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, this program strengthens existing district structures to monitor schools, coach teachers, and provide real time data to district leaders. To do so, this program works with top district education government leaders to identify priority education indicators in their district (e.g. teacher time on task, use of lesson plans) that will lead to improvements in student learning. We then train Center Coordinating Tutors (CCTs) to use smartphones to capture data in real time during school visits, coach teachers, and remove bottlenecks to make progress on critical indicators.



School Scorecard Program

This participatory program strengthens local school boards (school management committees) and engages parents in government primary schools. The program is based on a 2011 RCT completed in Uganda that indicated that the program was highly cost effective at improving student learning outcomes, improving student attendance and improving teacher attendance. Since the RCT used government officials to run the program, there is significant potential for scale. Elevate has now run the school scorecard program for 3 years.